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Search Engine Optimization Services

“The days of SEO being a game outsmarting algorithms are over. Today content strategy and valuable, sustainable strategies are essential, not just tricks and links.” ~ Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

The dynamics of SEO conceives the functionality of search engines, what people search for, the keywords typed into search engines and which of the search engines are preferable to the target market.

Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to dispatch barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.

Our services are focused on boosting your website’s traffic, upgrade your brand status and generate maximum leads, and help you in reaching your desired goals.

You want the word out don’t you? You want maximal expansion of your website as possible. Our SEO services provide lasting results that broaden beyond a quick temporarily boost in ranking. What my main focus is to produce websites that people like visiting and search engines like groveling.


What Exactly we am offering you here:

Magnifying the adequate amount of traffic.
Advancing the keyword ranking.
A lofty increment of your website’s visibility on Search Engines.

How it is done?

Determining the target audience

There we go again with the same old task of getting to know the audience that are fit to be triggered. Defining the set of people to whom the products will be market to is the initial step on which the rest of the procedures rest. Knowing the needs of the audience is the key point and by knowing this it will prove beneficial in defining the clear cut content strategy. Content has to be informative and relevant to the readers and that could only happen if you know what exactly they are looking for. After that, the next thing to determine is the top keywords related to the products that the audience are interested in.

Categorized Keyword Research

Now that we are done with the whole getting to know user’s needs and interests the next step is categorizing keywords and knowing exactly what are the appropriate terms that can be used in achieving the goals. Nesting the right keywords into the content related to the products, services or topics that can help in maximizing the rate of users landing onto the page is what will be done but first prioritizing the list of expanded keywords is an important task. Choosing the most appropriate keywords and assigning them to the relevant pages is a tricky task. After that is done you could jump on to the next step that is the search for opportunities and finding the gaps.

Opportunity and loop holes

Finding the loopholes and new opportunities is in simple words is estimating the search volume and referral volume to get a sense where are we lacking and where we are doing well. Gaps are the area where there is content on the site and the referral volume is lower than the search volume and opportunity is referred to the area where the search volume is sufficient for what the company is offering to the target market but there isn’t any content to attract the searchers.
And both of these things are to be tackled with efficacy.

Getting to know your competition

Defining the competition is a necessary job that should be done in a precise manner as it is a key benefactor for the campaign that we are working for. The competition that we will look for is related to the search results. As the keywords are broken into categories so each of them will be defined by its competitors. And by competitors, I mean those who are relevant to what we are offering to the audience same as they are. Knowing that who is topping the chart on each relevant topic to ours is the main task.

I usually use a number of aids like market samurai for keyword research, raven tools and Moz tools for features and content comparison, on-page comparison, in link comparison that are the essential steps in the process.

Customized Strategy

Now that I am well aware of the competitors and through with all the comparisons let’s put down it all it together in a strategic way. First of documenting everything in two halves will be a great idea. First half will contain all the things regarding all the insights on the areas including gaps and opportunities and at what specific points are we lacking. What steps should be taken against our competitors to climb on top of the chart? And the second half will consist of all the strategies and the measures taken for the accomplishment of a systematic optimization. All the steps that should be taken for the further progress of our search engine optimization and making the site stand more prominent on the statistical level of results. Next step is listing out the recommendations and considering them. Afterwards comes the summarizing part.


Putting each and everything together on a single place and forming a whole report that is going to narrow everything down, is the last and the most crucial part because in it every single step taken in the process is included. And by summarizing the whole gruelling process has to be specific and to the point. Each step that was taken in the optimization process held its importance and each step had its benefits. When the whole work is done is summoned up in a systematic manner and each and everything is thoroughly checked then the report is good to be delivered. This is going to help develop a broader sense and perspective the client’s mind and will give them the idea of what they should consider and what should be discarded. Prioritizing things accordingly is the main objective here.

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