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Search Engine Marketing & PPC Campaigns

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” – Jeff Eisenberg

Do you want to avail the luxury of paid search as part of your marketing program? Let us assist you with formulating a PPC management plan that is appropriate and cost-effective for your business. To increase relevant traffic to your website through paid search engines advertising you must consider hiring a skilled and highly expert partner who is thorough in providing the cited service stated above. Businesses across all line of industries can reap the benefits that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers.

PPC advertising is a convenient way to shoot up your search engine visibility, it proves to be a plus point if you are building a new site, or are working on to get better search engine visibility while organic search engine optimization still take some time to build.
It is highly preferable asset for your business, by availing it you can send pre-qualified traffic from those who have already visited your website or Facebook account. In addition it allows you to control brand messaging while working within a set budget.
Pay-per-click Advertising gives you the ability to design and control your campaign to meet your business needs. Pay only for relevant traffic. You can control the costs by limiting by geography, days, weeks, time-of-day, you can decide how much you want to pay for keywords Etc.


How it is done?

Goals to be accomplished

In order to start a campaign it is necessary to have the clear goals to be accomplished through the campaign against which success can be measured or else it would be shooting in the dark. The campaign should have certain objectives including what actions should user take on website and what each action’s worth to the campaign. These things should be considered properly for attaining measurable results.

Target Audience

Targeting audience is the second most important step of our strategy of PPC campaign. And some questions should be answered first before the campaign pursues its goals. Some of the questions are why the targeted audience need what is offered in our camping and for what reasons they will show their interest? One more question arises that is what the consumer’s state of mind is? And if these questions are answered appropriately then it will be easier to communicate with the potential customers on a more refined level.

Keyword Research

Keywords play a vital role in increasing the rate of clicks but in order to reduce wasted clicks it would be a good idea to have a detailed list of negative keywords isolated and this will also reduce the cost. Granular keyword research proves to be helpful in targeting maximum number of audience. Thinking of what the user will be typing into the search engine, the terms that they would use that are related to the services or product your campaign is providing can help in promoting the campaign in a more steady way as those keywords will be nested into the landing pages and target ads strategically to drive relevant audience with more rapid pace.

Structure and Organization

Once Keywords are finalized then they can be used in a relevant sense in the ad groups of the campaign. Structuring the campaign logically around the themes can be crafty and it is to be done carefully, splitting the keywords into the appropriate ad group and expanding the campaign structure is the important part as the rest lies on it.

Ad development

Developing the ads according to the keywords that are appropriate and suiting the campaign is the next step. Creating ads that get maximum response from the user is the main objective so to accomplish the goal a marvelous proposition is to be written that can cast out other competition. For every ad a unique and esteem proposition should be written so that the message can be conveyed to the users in more versatile way.

Landing page development

Landing pages are the source by which a user get the idea of what the page is regarding and by the rich content along with well-structured page will leave a good impression on the visitors. It is necessary for the landing page to have all the details about the service or the product that the user has arrived to look for and within 10 seconds the user understands the offer on the page then your website is the on right track on achieving its goals. It would be suitable for the keywords used in the ads to be contained within HTML heading tags properly. Lot of emphasis has to be laid on the development of the quality landing pages.


Analysis of the campaign is essential as it will tell you which of the parts of the campaign are delivering the most benefits. Fortuitously Google Ads is the best choice for the task. Monitoring the performance of each ad group can help in realizing at which point it is lacking and if the keywords associated to it are fitting in right or not. If not then it can be replaced or the ad could be put on hold and new variation of the ad could be used to notice which is the best in accomplishing the desired goals.

Once it is clear which elements or the keywords need to be optimized then the refinement process can begin. Testing new ideas in the best practice even if the campaign performs beyond the expectations there is still room for more alternatives. And if this opportunity is not availed then there won’t be further room for more possibilities and further blooming results.

Bid management is yet another important business concern. The amount that is to be paid per-click is directly proportional to the website and ad performance for each keyword in the campaign. There are no underlined rules but the common sense is the keep doing a little math to validate the yield of each keyword and keep optimizing.

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