Privacy Policy

We consider our customers as our business partners. We at Digital Partner, are dedicated to accompanying our business partners in accordance with our Privacy Policy so as to protect customers’ confidentiality of private information.

  • Before or at the time of getting personal information, we will recognize the objectives for which information is being sought.
  • We will gather and employ private information merely with the purpose of satisfying those objectives required for the services and for other needed objectives.
  • We will only keep private information as long as required for the satisfaction of business purposes.
  • We will gather private information by transparent and lawful means and, where applicable, with the knowledge or permission of the person concerned.
  • Private data should be applicable to the objectives for which it is to be utilized, and, to the level needed for those objectives, should be precise, comprehensive, and current.
  • We will protect private information by comprehensive security protocols to secure it from damage or theft, and we also implement protocols to avoid disclosure, unapproved access, stealing, utilization or change.
  • We will willingly make available any changes to our policy. This includes changes related to customers about our business policies and practices concerning to the governance of personal information.