To develop a content generation and publishing strategy which can help us to ensure the delivery of regular content to our existing clients at the predefined interval of time to either their websites, blogs, or any of their social media initiatives.


The context of this strategy would focus on SEO perspective i.e. the content impact on keywords ranking and other SEO objectives’ accomplishment that we promise to our clients.

Things to Accomplish:

  1. Develop and publish quality content on clients’ web properties to achieve promised SEO related objectives
  2. Minimum publishing frequency of content to each client website, blog, or any other web initiative is at least one article of ___words per week but the more is better is what we would follow.
  3. In order to meet the objective stated in the preceding point we need to do two things
    1. To develop a process which shall be capable of generating enough relevant and in-demand topics for each client we are handling so we shall never be in short of topics to generate content which shall have direct relevance to clients’ ranking needs that we promised and also have strong indication that it can generate traffic which is relevant to client’s business.
    2. We also need to develop a scheduling system for our content writers so that they shall be timely supplied with relevant topics and have adequate time to generate at least minimum possible content described earlier to meet our minimum content demand at all times and possibly do more than the minimum threshold.
  4. We also need to outline an effective procedure to validate the written content quality, grammar, relevance, utility to the targeted market, and Plagiarism.
  5. We also need to develop an effective procedure for publishing the content to the relevant sites and other web initiatives of the clients.

Methods to implement for constant supply of topics for content generation

  1. List down all the projects we are managing
  2. List down the active keywords against each project we are working upon
  3. Breakdown the keywords into distinct topics
    1. May be there are 10 keywords but these keywords can be classified around 3 or four topic.
  4. Now Create email address for each client such as the following:
  5. contentwatch{ClientName} and store email address & Password in XL sheet.

Blogs Aggregation for Topic Ideas

  1. Go to
  2. and then to
  3. Both are blog search engines. Search the topics you identified for each client against the active keywords we are working on
  4. Find possibly the best blogs specifically for the topics you are concerned also check their PR, DA, and other metrics for quality and then subscribe their RSS feed through Google Reader against the email address you created for that very client.
  5. This is how you won’t be going to each blog every time but aggregate content published each day through these blogs would be available at one place i.e. Google Reader. All you need to do is type http://www, and then login through email credentials against which you subscribed to these blogs
  6. This is how you would be getting top blog posts against the topics you need to right about on daily basis.

Google Alerts for Topic Ideas

  1. Go to
  2. And add the topic for alerts and submit the topics you identified earlier in the blogs search case for each client against the emails created and this is how you would be alerted each day with whatever is published on the web around the globe concerning those topics you are interested in on most of the authority sites.

Google Analytics for Topic Ideas

  1. Login to the Google analytics and create a custom keywords report for the traffic that used these terms to come to the site.
  2. Set that report to be emailed every day to the specific email address that you created earlier for this client. The keyword report would help you to identify any new keywords the target market is using to navigate to that client’s site and hence the new opportunities for the content can be identified that can further be explored and exploited with the techniques discussed in this document.

Search social Media with the targeted keywords for content opportunities

  1. Search the relevant groups as well as leader business pages based on the targeted keywords theme in the Facebook and subscribe to them. Similarly search Twitter for the mention of those keywords and follow people who are consider authority on those topic which we want to monitor. We can do the same thing for the LinkedIn groups and Answers Categories to monitor for those keywords topics.
  2. Subscribe all these and other relevant social media vehicles for the content ideas with the email addresses which we separately created for each client to organize and manage for content ideas.

One time research to finalize the resources:

  1. Based upon the previous discussion PM and the other person which we are planning to hire for WordPress and Analytics would create all the required email addresses for all the clients
  2. Research for related resources and setup the blog feeds, alerts and other associated sources for content ideas for each client

Assign individuals who would monitor and parse the constant influx of information sent to these email addresses to single out relevant topics based on clients’ content priorities  

  1. Depending upon the amount of work scoped after analyzing the initial volume of content aggregated through different sources described in earlier discussion we need to estimate resources required to parse the amount of content gathered every day and deduce possible topics.
  2. Initially I suggest that we will assign it to WordPress guy but if it would be beyond his reasonable ability to manage the workload then we may assign some of the clients to somebody in the content development team or we may look for some other workable alternative solution depending upon how our experience would unfold the future.

How the topics extracted from resources discussed would flow to the Content Writers  

  1. It is recommended that we shall everyday parsed topics and list them in the base camp under each project somewhere there we can manage content topics.
  2. Once the topics are posted an email shall shoot to the concerned people who have to finalize and assign the topics to content writers. It could be the lead content writer as well.
  3. Everyday progress shall be monitored through a centralized report in the base camp from where it could be seen that what is the progress of given week, what is written for which project and which project still need some content to meet the weekly quota and priorities shall be adjusted on daily basis to achieve weekly quota for all the projects.

Some Other Thoughts  

  1. Somebody shall see to it that for each project which active keywords in given project are need more attention based on their ranking and raise the priority of their content to be written first by communicating this to the guys who are actually parsing the content ideas flowing to us from several sources.
  2. The finalized content would be labeled so on the base camp and at the point content writer set it status to finalize the WordPress person would receive an email and he would publish it to the relevant blog or the web resource mentioned and email would be sent to inform the relevant people about the posting vent.
  3. We will use the similar cycle for content changes of the new projects as well

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