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Strategic Help to develop and execute effective business strategy

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” ~ Winston Churchill

You are in a business or planning to have one in either case you need to have a business strategy. Every business irrespective of its size has scarce resources at its disposal. It’s the matter of allocating resources effectively and achieve targets or KPIs set at the beginning-its possible provided you have a business plan or strategy. You can find reference material, books or stuff on the internet related to the subject matter. No business template or plan perfectly applies to your particular business situation or scenario. There are a few key elements of a business plan which we are discussing below



“School programs the schooled to type a CV. Life inspires the unschooled to type a business plan.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

A business plan is mandatory not only from the perspective of raising capital, establishing a credit line or attracting investors but under your own business context, it really helps. Every business, product or a service is unique in its own respect and the industry in which it operates, there is no magic formula or fixed the templates to fulfill your business planning need or fill in stakeholders appetite. Hence often the thousands of templates available can offer you comprehensive and detailed framework but keep you away from the reality. If you try to pick one out of those available business plans or templates and try to apply it exactly without any external help you get yourself entangled into systems and procedures and distant yourself from real business. Once you Start implementing any fixed business plan you harm your business or lose its essence, lucky one are those who escape! This approach is not helpful to even raise funds for your business Or attract key stakeholders. Alternatively, you need to have enough meat or substance in your business plan proposal and a plan must be substantiated by actual business data to entice investors, banks or venture capitalists etc.


You don’t need two business plans i.e. one to raise funds and the other one in practice. Instead you a
single document which is original and can satisfy you and all the other stakeholders. Before going into further details it’s important to touch upon a few subsets of a business plan like economic indicators, standard operating procedures, SWOT analysis, 5 year projections, product positioning, HR policies and dozens of other elements. Our approach is to customize the entire business plan according to the particular business or a venture, we carry out extensive exercise and under the process we eliminate those business plan elements which do not serve the purpose on any given instance or does not hold true under given business situation or neither address chosen industry problem. We also assign weightage to each business plan element according to relative importance applicable to our clients venture, hence we minimize wastage and throw away garbage out of the system-the end product is “SIMPLIFIED AND HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED BUSINESS PLAN”.

The unique feature of our simplified customized business plan is its” Originality”. The end product is one business plan which can be implemented in the business itself and is equally valid to raise funds from other stakeholders. However, we can prepare a condensed or a handy version for our client.

Benchmarking Exercise

I tell young entrepreneurs to use the leader in their industry and as a benchmark as they work to create their own brand. Don’t look at what your competition is doing – if you emulate the leader in your industry, you will achieve a higher level of engagement with consumers and make their buying experience richer ~ Steve Stoute

By definition, benchmarking is a process where organizations compare their business models and metrics in order to determine what ‘best-in-class’ performance is and how ‘best-in-class’ performance has been achieved. Often considered as a one-time exercise, but an continuous and effective benchmarking (after every 3 years on average)will not only provide the organization with a snapshot of its own performance at a particular point in time, but also how quickly its competing companies are changing their strategies.


Depending on your organizational requirement, different tailor-made benchmarking strategies/methodologies could be used to address new challenges. Some examples are: Survey development, Data Manipulation and Modeling, Extensive Datasets etc. Developing the performance metrics actually facilitate the organization to establish its own key milestones and works as a reliable map for rapidly identifying deviations from project targets. Setting up targets early or at idea stage helps start-ups or companies to achieve exponential growth. Target setting or building KPIs frame work for each department or functional area can’t be done distantly and without benchmarking your business against the industry standards or best in class. The globalization and segregation of economic zone, expansion of information technology and mass media now allow us to see and evaluate other countries, emerging economies and economic zones not in isolation but in relation to our own product or service which paves the way to benchmark effectively against the best in class or world and to replicate best practice in our own context.

Every business has a risk of running into a false start or direction which might lead it further away from the success. An effective benchmarking technique could determine if your business’s cost, products and services are source of competitive advantage or disadvantage.

We carry Out highly customized benchmarking exercise as a part of our package and share the results with you without bothering you much.


Our work is the presentation of our capabilities

We are living in a world which is dictated by change. The technological advancement, globalization, the pace Of new inventions and innovations are producing convenient solutions and Offering us a Wide variety Of products but keeping our every second occupied. We utilize most Of our time and energy in utilizing, consuming or using some product or service instead of researching, thinking or strategizing.

This realization has taken us to help ventures, businesses, individuals and institutions in preparing their business case keeping in view that they are busy and occupied with other things in hand. We know the importance of visual impact when it comes to strong PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs) but our core idea is different. We first need to understand the significance of presenting your business case or a ppt. You are in a situation where you would like to present your business case to an investor, institution, bank, a venture capital company or any other trading partner to raise capital. The most key point here is to write a business case for you to understand, correct, rationalize and actually finalize it before taking it to the next Step. This Will surely boost your own confidence which is a pre-requisite to a successful business case or a presentation.


Our core idea revolves around the quality and contents of putting your business case in professional manner being strongly substantiated by catchy visuals. The essence is to focus on each slide and ensure that it conveys a clear cut message or either build up your business case slide by slide. We first try to equip you and give you an edge by moving your potential audience focus to each slide and gain their undivided attention well before you reach the climax or final stages of your business case/presentation. The final business case always gives your audience an integrated outlook for what you have delivered but also keep them engrossed during the entire presentation. Our visuals give voice to each slide in a way that the receiver can easily decode your message and being able to grasp fie gist Of your business case. We complement our business case With the rehearsal kit to aid you further.

The delivery Of your business case is equally important though we facilitate you with the subject matter but strongly urge in customizing the delivery part. The customization is done keeping in view your own personality type, qualification and the kind Of exposure that you have in the past.

This entire process provides you enough ease at the beginning and firm commitment which eventually win you business.

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